GIVE MORE H.U.G.S hosts annual “Book Share” Fair

It is so exciting to receive a book as a gift, and GIVE MORE H.U.G.S generated a lot of excitement last week in four schools in Port  Chester, NY by holding their annual book share fair.

This group’s Mission is begins in its name: Helping Unite Giving Souls to provide students in need with the tools to inspire a love for learning, reading, and creativity. My kind of group!

GIVE MORE H.U.G.S. trains and deputizes “ambassadors” to help fulfill its mission. H.U.G.S. organizes events in areas where the scarcity of educational resources tries teachers and students alike.

One of the ambassadors at the book share fair said, “It was enlightening to see first hand how the whole project had been implemented from an idea to execution of the book share. . . [It] was an overwhelming success at four locations. . .I never realized I could make such an impact by such a small gesture.”

Unfortunately, I was not able to help at this fall’s book share. I was very disappointed that the lucky ambassador who got the privilege of reading to some of the children and spreading her passion for a good book was not me this year!

But I AM able to help get started on the next exciting book share event by collecting gently used books and bringing them to GIVE MORE H.U.G.S.. Before the next book share fair, HUGS takes the collected books and holds book signing events to draw attention to the literacy crisis. At the event they invite people to write inspirational messages to the future recipients of the books. I will keep you posted on their next event! Hopefully you can find a local chapter of HUGS and join in the mission of this wonderful non-profit organization.


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I Met An Enjella Series Fan at the Ossining Bookmobile Launch!

I don’t know who was more thrilled — the fan or me!

I was asked to read one of my books at the celebration of the inauguration of the Ossining Pubic Schools/United Way Bookmobile this past Monday in Nelson Sitting Park. As I pulled out my book, WHAT MORE CAN A FAIRY BE? one of the attentive listeners said “I read that book! It was so good! I liked it!”

The words were music to my ears. The main reason I wrote this series was to inspire the imagination of young readers and make them passionate about reading.

When I told the girl I was the author, she enthused that it was so exciting to meet me.  And I enthused right back — how wonderful it is to meet someone who had already read my book and enjoyed the tale.  Then we Fairytale lovers just had to commemorate our momentous meeting with a photograph of us and the Enjella fan’s younger brother.

It was an fun event — lots of happy children, lots of books and a special appearance by Acorn the “read-with-rabbit” bunny from Scattered Books in Chappaqua. I left the launch of the Bookmobile feeling inspired. Not just by the joy of meeting one of MY READERS(!) but also by the many images of happy children choosing books, hugging them in their arms like treasure, and hurrying home to read them.

The Ossining Bookmobile and author Jane F. Collen

United Way and the Ossining schools have collaborated to find a new way to keep kids reading during vacations. A Bookmobile! The new Bookmobile will be appearing at Nelson Sitting Park this coming Monday amid great fanfare. Helping to continuing the success of United Way’s Summer Reading Buddies program, local author Jane F. Collen will make a guest appearance with the Bookmobile this week. Scattered Books, the Chappaqua bookstore, will also be featured at this week’s festivities.

The participation of local authors and bookstores at the event allows kids to recognize the presence of books in their communities. Local involvement also helps anxious youngers learn to associate reading with success, summer, and fun. During the event, kids get a chance to hear a story or excerpt before picking a book to read in park. Mrs. Collen’s Enjella Adventure Series crosses several different reading levels and she  will be distributing donated books as part of the author reading and activities planned.

Winner of Mom’s Choice Book Awards, eLit for Excellence, and Benjamin Franklin Awards, the stories in Mrs. Collen’s Enjella Adventure Series are engaging tales of wit and willpower. Including both YA and children’s books, they spotlight the world of an ambitious tooth fairy and her friends. Recently, the books have even gained widespread attention online through the reading platform.

Parents and teachers know firsthand the struggle of getting hesitant readers excited about books. Everything about Monday’s event is designed to be kid-friendly and draw in young and seasoned readers alike. “Study after study shows how critical it is for kids to know how to read. We  are trying to make sure they also LOVE to read. Owning books is the best way to foster a pride in reading and love of seeking knowledge,” says Mrs. Collen.

Those looking to join the fun can come to Nelson Park on Monday, August 28. The festivities start at 10:30.


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Wow! I have a Best-Seller!

That crazy story about the Elbow Fairy who could not decide what to wear has sold 200 copies a day for the last 3 months on GET EPIC! an online platform for children and educators!

It is such a wonderful feeling to know that somewhere out there someone is reading your story and enjoying it!

Illustrated by DAVID TRUMBLE

I am sure the success is due in no small part to the wonderful illustrations of the Enjella artist –David Trumble. It has been so exciting collaborating with him. If I can imagine it, he can draw it. The only thing more gratifying than having the pictures you painted with words turn into actual illustrations is — seeing those word pictures turned into a best selling book!

The online platform epic! is a fabulous resource for helping educators and parents encourage children to read. Enticing books are findable several ways: by title, author and keyword of course, but also through browsing books grouped according to genre, subject matter and reading level. The epic! program can help parents and educators get feedback on the child’s interaction with the books. The reader’s time spent with the book is tracked and a comprehension quiz at the end is offered, providing data on what a child retained about the book and how fast a child can read.

The other books in the Enjella Adventure Series are doing well too. And I have a new edition to the series — I just recorded a Read-Aloud and an Audio version of my best seller What More Can A Fairy Be? which is also available on the epic! program.

I am so happy that I can help encourage children to read. I’m using my wings to help spread magical books around the world.



Copyright Jane F. Collen August 9, 2017

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Summer Reading Buddies

As one of the poster-girls for United Way’s literacy program United2Read, I once again had the pleasure of going to the Yonker’s New York public library to find some summer reading buddies.  It was amazing and gratifying to see how many kids and how many volunteers were there. The place was a magical madhouse of excited readers, supportive parents and caregivers, and helpful volunteers buzzing around. Kids were paired with volunteers and everyone settled down to read.

The Yonker’s program is such a success that some of the graduates of the program are back assisting the younger participants. We are well armed to combat the summer reading slide.

And best of all, almost every participant checked out some books to take home.

The successful program is expanding: this year the Ossining Public Library launched the same initiative, backed by United Way, The JCY-Westchester Community Partners and the Ossining Public Schools.

I hope to see you there next Friday!

(C) Jane F. Collen July 27, 2017

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