Welcome Moms!

Do you believe in Magic?

How about the magical relationship you have with your children?  Sure, sometimes you want to sprinkle magic powder on them and make them disappear (!) but most days, there are magical moments when the bond you struggle so hard to establish blooms into an unexpected hug, or a shared revelation.  When the goal is raising the best child you can, arming them with the skills they need to survive in this world, and fostering a relationship of mutual love, there is no wrong approach.

We mothers feel this incredible burden to be SuperMoms.  We can’t work hard enough, read enough, teach our children enough, be there with them enough.  But the reality is: just trying to be present for our children IS enough.  Enough to show them they are loved and cared for and they have someone in their life that tries, and then the next day, tries again, to continually strengthen the connection between them.

There is no wrong way to share interests with your child!  We get bombarded with information – and told what to do, yet there are many different ways to sustain a close relationship in spite of daily frustrations and time demands.  Moms don’t have to like going to the park, or messy art projects, we can get as much bonding time out of engaging our children in cleaning up the play area together as we can from a trip to the zoo.  It just takes the right mindset and a little practice.

Reading to and with my children was one of my favorite ways to connect (and then after a hard day re-connect) with my energetic multi-interested group.  Enjella the Elbow Fairy magically appeared in our lives to fill a gap I perceived in age appropriate reading material.  I was always searching for books that we could read together to pass on one of the greatest gifts I could give my children – a love of reading.  The Enjella Adventures have been written with that magical bond in mind, that our hopes for our children can come to fruition through our efforts to guide them and help them grow and pass on our passions. So have fun with it!!! Connect with your children as your read the stories with them, or to them, or even watch them read it themselves.

Please let me know what you thought of Enjella Uprooted (now available for Kindle via Amazon) and what your kids thought!  Review  it in the Kindle store or leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you.

I hope you enjoy the magic.


ENJELLA UPROOTED: A Tooth Fairy Gets a New Job

ENJELLA UPROOTED: A Tooth Fairy Gets a New Job

BOOK ONE: THE ORIGIN STORY   Enjella is a determined Fairy!  Unnoticed by the other Fleeple, except when she is in trouble, Enjella only wants to be a great Tooth Fairy.  In her quest to be her best self,  she battles teasing, low self esteem and another Fairy’s meanness to earn a first class tooth… Continue Reading

Storming Back to Key West

Storming Back to Key West

The Newest Enjella Short Adventure Freed from the constraints of the Tooth Fairy regime, Enjella appears at Abigail’s elbow and whisks her away on a magical adventure. Joined by friend Fairy Alicia and Abigail’s brother, Bennett, they travel to Key West, Florida to do some exploring. Fun and surprises await in their moonlight frolic on… Continue Reading