Making the Mundane Magical

  There are entire worlds and kingdoms we’ve never seen, and might never see with our own eyes. Places so distant and so unique they seem unreal. Yet they exist and are waiting for us to explore through reading. Reading opens new doors; helps us discover new perspectives. Books give us temporary access to places,… Continue Reading

GIVE MORE H.U.G.S hosts annual “Book Share” Fair

It is so exciting to receive a book as a gift, and GIVE MORE H.U.G.S generated a lot of excitement last week in four schools in Port  Chester, NY by holding their annual book share fair. This group’s Mission is begins in its name: Helping Unite Giving Souls to provide students in need with the tools to inspire a love for learning, reading, and… Continue Reading

The Ossining Bookmobile and author Jane F. Collen

United Way and the Ossining schools have collaborated to find a new way to keep kids reading during vacations. A Bookmobile! The new Bookmobile will be appearing at Nelson Sitting Park this coming Monday amid great fanfare. Helping to continuing the success of United Way’s Summer Reading Buddies program, local author Jane F. Collen will… Continue Reading

Summer Reading Buddies

As one of the poster-girls for United Way’s literacy program United2Read, I once again had the pleasure of going to the Yonker’s New York public library to find some summer reading buddies.  It was amazing and gratifying to see how many kids and how many volunteers were there. The place was a magical madhouse of excited… Continue Reading

Trending Bookstores: A cozy Niche at Scattered Books

A gem of a bookstore is nestled near the train station in Chappaqua, NY. Cozy couches line the front window just inviting you to curl up with a good book. That is, after you browse the great selection and make your choice, perhaps after listening to some of the recommendations of the shop owner, Laura Scott… Continue Reading