Making the Mundane Magical


There are entire worlds and kingdoms we’ve never seen, and might never see with our own eyes. Places so distant and so unique they seem unreal. Yet they exist and are waiting for us to explore through reading.

Reading opens new doors; helps us discover new perspectives. Books give us temporary access to places, people, and ideas we had never even considered before. We have the power to travel through time and space, as soon as we begin reading. Let the words guide you down paths you never noticed or walk you through exotic countries or even new worlds. Blaze a new trail in your life through reading. 

In a world filled with access to good books, we become stronger people. We can educate ourselves about so many things. Not just science and history, but psychology and emotion.  We can identify with characters and learn ideas for solutions to our real life problems through reading about both historical and fictional victories over the obstacles of life. And we can become more in tune with the people around us – the ones we will relate to face to face.

Which words do you use to describe you?

Which words do you want to share with the world?



Reading = Magical Possibilities

The Ossining Bookmobile and author Jane F. Collen

United Way and the Ossining schools have collaborated to find a new way to keep kids reading during vacations. A Bookmobile! The new Bookmobile will be appearing at Nelson Sitting Park this coming Monday amid great fanfare. Helping to continuing the success of United Way’s Summer Reading Buddies program, local author Jane F. Collen will make a guest appearance with the Bookmobile this week. Scattered Books, the Chappaqua bookstore, will also be featured at this week’s festivities.

The participation of local authors and bookstores at the event allows kids to recognize the presence of books in their communities. Local involvement also helps anxious youngers learn to associate reading with success, summer, and fun. During the event, kids get a chance to hear a story or excerpt before picking a book to read in park. Mrs. Collen’s Enjella Adventure Series crosses several different reading levels and she  will be distributing donated books as part of the author reading and activities planned.

Winner of Mom’s Choice Book Awards, eLit for Excellence, and Benjamin Franklin Awards, the stories in Mrs. Collen’s Enjella Adventure Series are engaging tales of wit and willpower. Including both YA and children’s books, they spotlight the world of an ambitious tooth fairy and her friends. Recently, the books have even gained widespread attention online through the reading platform.

Parents and teachers know firsthand the struggle of getting hesitant readers excited about books. Everything about Monday’s event is designed to be kid-friendly and draw in young and seasoned readers alike. “Study after study shows how critical it is for kids to know how to read. We  are trying to make sure they also LOVE to read. Owning books is the best way to foster a pride in reading and love of seeking knowledge,” says Mrs. Collen.

Those looking to join the fun can come to Nelson Park on Monday, August 28. The festivities start at 10:30.


For more information about Jane F. Collen, visit her website or check out her facebook and twitter pages.

Summer Reading Buddies

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Jocelyn Collen Preached This Sunday for CATHOLIC WOMEN PREACH

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