Is It Still Politically Correct to Say “Indian Summer”?

This question bothered me all day yesterday, a gorgeous summer-in-fall day. In fact this question has been bothering me since the weekend when wkismetocte had two absolutely spectacular autumn-colored days with very warm temperatures.

I got to enjoy Saturday set up outside KISMET by Caryn, standing right in front of Kismet’s beautiful Secret Garden doing my favorite things — meeting kids and their families and talking about the magic of reading. And of course selling some books.

So, today I did some research. Apparently this question has bothered other author/philosophers in the recent past and I am happy to report that the answer is it is OK to still call it Indian Summer.  Even in San Francisco, the politically correct capitol of the world, author John Lillipop decided it is ok, its traditional.

Technically, however, this is not yet “Indian Summer” because we have not yet had a real frost, only a few cold nights.  Even though it is now common to call any warm weather in Autumn “Indian Summer”, the Farmer’s Almanac confirms; the warm weather must follow a cold spell, the warm days have to be followed by cold nights, and there should be high barometric pressure.

Ok, is 2 out of 3 enough?falltrees

Whatever you call it, the weather is gorgeous! Go out and reap the benefits of the outdoors. This whole week promises to be the quintessential Indian Summer in the North East: splendid fall foliage dappled by summer-warm sunshine, contrasted by crisp cold nights. You can feel the health benefits of the Vitamin D sinking into your skin as nature’s beauty seeps into your soul.

I’ll see you out there.

(C)  Jane F. Collen   October 18, 2016      IndexCardCure step into nature

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