Fairies in the Classroom

Welcome Teachers!

I am lucky enough to have 6 friends who are teachers who have read Enjella Uprooted and discussed its uses as a tool in the classroom.

An earlier version of the manuscript was already used for a writing lesson!

Following are some lesson notes written by Deb Chouinard, Third Grade Teacher in the Westfield, Mass school district.  I hope you find these, and the glossary at the end of the book helpful tools for fanning your students’ love of learning and increasing their vocabulary.

Let me know what you think!  Leave me your comments and I will come to visit your classroom!




by Deb Chouinard




Alicia/blue haired fairy

Ghastly Gevinda

Queen Jocelyn



Flandles 2nd class citizens/boys

Fleeples  mean/fairy people






Good vs. evil



To find something good in Gevinda

Overhaul the fairy organization

Help children with fairy magic


Character traits

Determined pg. 32

Observant pg.33

Smart pg. 35


Organize/Efficient pgs. 44-47



Proud pg. 52

Timid pg 52

Helpful/kind pgs. 44-49

Excitement pg.88

Dread pg.88


How do we get to know the character

What she thinks (many examples)

What she says (many examples)

What others say

Capable pg. 54

What she does

Thoughtful pg. 55


Figurative language

Personification pg. 28 (wind seemed to be in a good mood/ gently tickling)

Alliteration –Ghastly Gevinda, ghastly green, supportive sienna(pg 107)

Similies pg. 28 (puffly clouds raced across the sky like little sailboats)

Pg. 43 (flew 3 flaps behind like an unwanted tailgater)

(angry green sparkles  shot off…like phosperescance in ocean waves at night)

(sputtering like an engine backfiring)

Pg. 46 (as she sank like a lead balloon)

Foreshadowing  pg.116 (a shadow of a worry darkened her happy visions)

Idiom  pg. 125 ( A picture is worth a thousand words)

Double entendre: . . . you’re just a fairy tale too pg. 42


Hints of elbow fairy pg. 126 (tucked elbow under blankets)


Love Alicia’s character w/ hair colors

True blue

Staunch yellow

Welcoming pineapple yellow/sunbeam yellow

Hair traffic green for go

Shivery silver



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