BOOK LAUNCH At Ellis Island on Saturday Dec. 3rd

ellis-island-invite-v1We are celebrating the release of my newest historical fiction book, SAILING BACK TO ELLIS ISLAND with a media event at Ellis Island this Saturday.

The media and Enjella Adventure fans will join us for a ferryboat trip on Statue Cruises. We will follow in the footsteps of the immigrants whose stories contributed to this book, sailing to Ellis Island and touring the National Park and museum, stopping only for lunch and selected readings from the book.

In the Enjella Adventure Series I combine two of my greatest loves: magic and history. Extensively researching the stories of many of our forefathers (and mothers!) who came to this country through Ellis Island, I have tried to recreate the experiences of many immigrants. My characters use magic to travel back in time and re-live the trials and tribulations of actual immigrants of the early 1900s as they try to begin their new lives in the United States.

Come and join the party! We are meeting at the entrance to the security clearance at 10:30 Saturday morning. You will spot us under the big Enjella balloon!

For more information click here.


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