Making Magic In Massachusetts

Enjella and her author, Enjella’s Fairy Godmother, flew to Westfield and Holyoke Massachusetts on April 9th to visit some third grade classrooms.

The excitement was palpable as Enjella’s Fairy Godmother “winged” into each classroom. The students in Ms. Enright’s class in Holyoke gave them a wonderful reception. Jane F. Collen met classrooms full of sparkling students who were excited about the magic of reading! They read a chapter of the Enjella Adventure: Storming Back to Key West and talked about their favorite authors and how to craft a story.

The play Enjella Takes Off, part of the Enjella™ Adventure Series, was performed by some budding actors in each location. This may have been the debut performance of some future stars! Each student brought his or her enthusiasm and talent to their roles. Jane Collen gave out wings and wands and everyone collaborated to set the stage. It was hard to tell who had more fun, the students or the author-turned-method-acting-coach!

Ms. Chouinard’s and Ms. Dunphy’s classes in Westfield combined forces, staging teams of future reporters to interview the author about her books and the creative writing process. “I mustache you a question!” was the fun prelude to insightful interrogatories, some of which spotlighted the methods the author used to gather information and inspiration for her subject matter and character creation.

Twinkling Stars! It certainly was a Magical Day!



Jane F. Collen bringing Enjella to the classroomEnjella the Tooth Fairy and her author have just returned from their first appearance together!

Jane F. Collen donned her Fairy wings and fluttered to Ms. Smisek’s fourth grade class in Fairbault, Minnesota.

The magic began with Jane reading from ENJELLA UPROOTED: A TOOTH FAIRY GETS A NEW JOB.  A lively discussion of the writing process followed next.

The class learned how to do the WINGS UP sign.

And then the real fun began!

Eleven students used wings and wands to become the Fairies and Flandles in ENJELLA TAKES OFF, a play especially written for classroom performances.  Jane Collen directed the flight of her first Enjella actress.  Everyone ran through the play once, with the audience chiming in with the WINGS UP sign.  Jane’s pink shawl doubled as a curtain as the actors got ready for the real performance.  The curtain rose and the room was swept off to Sparkleshire for a glimpse of Enjella’s fairy world.

It was a STELLAR performance.  A WAND-TASTIC time was had by all.

Jane and Enjella are scheduled to appear in three more classrooms this fall.  They will visit students in Westfield and Holyoke, Massachusetts.  They would love to sparkle some magic in your classroom, so fill out the form below!


Teachers! Introduce your class to the Enjella(TM) Series with a short play highlighting some of the characters. The play is free when you book Enjella and her author for a classroom appearance.

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